Sanding and Singing

By Barbara and Nicki Biscupovich
Our trip to Guatemala started in Guatemala City, where we spent two full days preparing for the work we were about to do.

We started our trip on Monday morning with 13 very excited kids and about 25 suitcases ready to be shared with  wonderful people, especially kids, of El Rosario, Guatemala.

 As you may know, we were not the only participants.  From the beginning, Waterford students were already involved collecting hygiene and school items.  Our Lower School did not want to pass on the opportunity to be involved, and they provided us with an amazing art project of self portraits. Their efforts were very well-received and also reciprocated with pictures of Guatemala students.  Teachers, students and parents alike were very appreciative of this kind gesture.

One of our goals was to replace the school’s old roof.  It was taken down in the morning of our first day of work with the help of local people.  It seemed to us that every father wanted to be there doing something, no matter how insignificant, in order to show their appreciation.  In particular, I would like to point out that our students did an excellent job in getting the school totally CLEAN to start the next day.  A thorough job was needed and it was accomplished in record time.

The work of painting the school was taken up by some of our students who willingly painted, climbed ladders, brushed floors, took out nails and played with the local kids while doing it.  All this was done with a big smile on their faces under humid and hot conditions.  And, at the end of the project, two schools benefited from a donation of 100 new desks.

Shelves construction was taken on by other students.  At the distance, you could hear those hammers going and going.  By the end of the day, a group of kids were happily sanding and singing.

On the last day, we had the opportunity to deliver all the service items collected at Waterford. 100 hygiene kits  and  100 school supply bags where given along with toys, lunch boxes, water bottles, shorts, blankets, art pictures and more.

We are grateful for all the work done by students and parents alike and for the ability to touch the lives of so many students.  Now, 100 students in the area of  El Rosario, Guatemala enjoy an appropriate place to study.