I truly don’t know how to describe the feelings that I have for this incredible day… I am truly overwhelmed with my emotions. It has been one of my goals to perform in the Glinka Capella in St. Petersburg and for it to come true was a dream come true. It is not only a beautiful concert hall, but it is filled with such history and culture from 1882. If only the walls could talk….


The hall was packed tonight – someone said that there were over 500 people in attendance. Our concert was advertised all over the city with posters and a native Russian heard our concert being advertised over the radio today. It was thrilling for me and my students to be able to perform before such an enthusiastic and full house. I heard that when they opened the doors people were running to get a seat, especially the cute old Russian ladies. When I came out to start the concert I was stunned to see a packed house. In between pieces I looked out into the audience and saw pure joy, love and many people crying happy tears. Some cute old ladies were even waving to me in between pieces.

James Browning, my Russian teacher, would be very pleased with me tonight. I spoke in Russian and people clapped and cheered for me.  It made me so happy and happy for James who has been working so hard with me. His hard work and patience really paid off. I really appreciated that I was able to say even a few phrases in Russian.


The music tonight was incredible. The students performed with heart and character. Their stamina was excellent as well. They rose to the occasion and really stepped up. Not only were they inspired by the music, the country and the venue, but I believe it’s also because Craig gave them a pep talk tonight before the concert. He told them to put their game faces on and to go out there, play hard and have fun. At the end of his speech on three they all shouted “Ravens”.  It doesn’t matter if it’s sports or music they are true Waterford “Ravens” and we should all be proud of them tonight!



I wish you could’ve all been there. For those who were there tonight I hope you will be able to tell the other parents how wonderful their children were tonight. It truly was glorious. We played our regular repertoire with the addition of Ford playing Arioso tonight. It was beautiful. The audience clapped in unison at the end, so we ended up playing 2 encores – we played Czardas and Tchaikovsky Elegie.

IMG_2112At the end of the concert I met several people who came to talk to me and had me sign their programs. It was really sweet. I was honored. 

During the morning and early afternoon we spent the day at Peterhof. The gardens and fountains were breathtaking. We split into two groups and had a walking tour. Peterhof covers over 250 acres so we did walk a lot today……not all the grounds of course. 🙂 I did eat traditional Russian food at lunch and I loved it.

The grounds were gorgeous. I wish I could write more about that, but I am very tired tonight. Hopefully we can add some pictures from the day and it can give you an idea of the beauty here.



Our concert tonight from start to finish was truly stunning. Russia has been our inspiration for a year and to be able to perform in this country is truly something I will never forget.

Tonight was a good reminder to me that music is a universal language. It crosses over and connects all borders and knows no political lines.


Here are some moments from the concert tonight – Enjoy!







4 thoughts on “DAY 7: ENCORE! ENCORE!

  1. Thank you for making this happen Kathy! I’m in tears here reading about this trip and the concerts. I especially appreciate the video this time. Thank you so much.
    (Lucas’s mom)


  2. It really was an amazing concert. The concert hall was packed full and so enthusiastic. Great to see the orchestra and all the soloists perform so well and get such an amazing reception. A privilege to be there!


  3. Kathy, you are a true talent. I know I do not get to see or talk to you as much as I like, but after reading and watching your kids it reminds me of how smart, confident, and caring a person you truly are.
    You are one good egg. Continued luck and magic in your travels with your gifted young performers!


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