Day 10: A Long Day To Moscow

Arrived in Moscow!

Today we traveled to Moscow by train. It took us 4 hours on the train. It was a good time to read, catch up on our journal writing, play games, hang with friends, eat and take a nap – which is what I did. It was glorious! 🙂

We met our guide Anastasia at the train station. She will be our main guide while we are in Moscow. Our bus driver here is interesting. He’s the first one we have encountered that refused to help us with our luggage. He said that he was hired to drive, but not to help with bags. We actually had to call his office and talk to his manager and only then did he help us load and unload our suitcases. Interesting…


It took us forever to get to our hotel. There was traffic and construction and with it being Friday night it took us 2 hours. That was painful. Our hotel is the Sunflower Park Hotel. We checked in, had a buffet dinner and gave the students some free time to just relax and unwind. Some students were tired and went right to bed, others hung out with friends, some went next door to this beautiful shopping center and others went for a run. There’s a park across the street from our hotel. I think that will be the place where the students will work off their bones on the final night. Can’t wait….

This next bit is from Matthew Buxton –

“Snakey had a very big day. He got lost in the hotel and left behind. But luckily Mrs. Holding pulled some strings and saved him from the hotel and he was rushed to the train station where he made it on the train with 2 minutes to spare before we left. Snakey’s life was saved today. He is a symbol of community and friendship and without him this trip would fall apart. Much love for snakey”


I keep forgetting to talk about the white nights in Saint Petersburg – it was really cool being so light out at night. Craig and I would be writing the blog down in the lobby and at 2am it would still be light outside. We really notice the difference now that we are in Moscow. It is only midnight now and it’s already dark. I’m not used to it now…..hahaha.  I can see how people love Saint Petersburg in June for the white nights. I highly recommend coming to Saint Petersburg. It’s lovely.

We’re all looking forward to getting to know Moscow – tomorrow we have a busy, but fun day. We will head out to a UNESCO site – the Trinity Monastery and we will spend time in the Moscow city center.



Today we have also included some pictures from our day yesterday.

Touch base with you all tomorrow –



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