Day 12: Magnificent Day in Moscow & Triple Encore!

DSC02362Czardas, Waltz No. 2 and Lady Gaga were our three encores tonight! The kids were fantastic – especially after a long day on the road in Moscow. When we started playing the Waltz again during the encore people started clapping their appreciation for the kids in the middle of the song! It was so cool. I’m so proud of my students for their focus, effort and beauty! Bravo tonight to all – it was truly outstanding!


During the day we got a guided tour of the Kremlin grounds. It was surprisingly beautiful. In fact breathtaking. Over the high walls I never expected to see such gorgeous grounds and buildings/cathedrals. It truly took my breath away!

We had some fun in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. I took pictures with the whole group and then with each grade. It was so much fun being silly together. We even had a bride ask to take a picture with us.


We had free time for lunch- many of us went to Cafe Bosco which is right next to Red Square – it was a good people watching place, and a nice place to sit and relax. Of course the food was yummy! From there some of us went to this Food Emporium place in GUM which has delicious Russian caviar, chocolates, candies etc…. Amazing shop full of goodies.

The sun was shining today and as we said goodbye to Saint Basil’s and the Red Square – it will be a place that none of will ever forget.

Blurb from Katie Dover – “Tonight as Maiya and I were riding up the elevator to our hotel room, a family with a little boy got on with us. After speaking with his parents in Russian for a few moments, the maybe six year boy said “hello” to us and told us his name (his name is Roma) in English. Though we had a very short conversation, the boy really lifted my spirit, and taught me a little bit about being brave! After all, it must be pretty scary talking to foreign strangers in a second language”



Tomorrow is an exciting day for us – we’re getting a tour of the Moscow Conservatory and will have our final concert of the tour!

Stay tuned………

PS – Just a few video submissions from the kids;






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